Rendering, Post Production Final Thoughts

This week we have got all our animation approved and are in the process of rendering and post production. Unfortunately even after doing my best to optimize the scene it appears that the scene is still very heavy. There is an issue where the shirt of the mascot disappears every other frame so for short scene I’ve tried my best to watch when the scene ends and stop just in case the issue occurs. The solution seems to be rendering at a lower resolution (480 x 270) suggested to us by a senior so we are tried our best to make the commercial work despite this set back. The first scene I got back rendered was actually the last. here, I added a vignette and the slogan and used multiple passes to make the shot read as well as i could. It’s my first time using After Effects so I’m still learning the ropes but I can tell it’s definitely something I will continue to put more time into.captdddure-e1536755273200.jpg

Generally I’ve noticed the ‘screen’ blending mode is very effective in bring out several passes’ data but I always make sure to go through multiple modes before settling on one. I had three shots and have composited the different passes together before handing it to our team lead who stitch them all together.

Despite the rendering issues I’m proud of the work we managed to put together. A lot of the feedback we got was that some shots were a little fast so a little more attention needs to be given to the timing of the animation so it reads well. A lot of the feedback did mention the environment and props so I’m pleased people found my work something worth pointing out.

After Thoughts and Reflection

Overall, I’m so happy to be apart of this group and have learned so much over the course of this semester alone. I do however see room to improve when working in a team and in my own skills. I wish to learn more ways of modeling assets and to do so with thinking about good topology. I think I have improved considerably from the first KPI assessment in terms of communication. I focused on being prompt and coherent in my responses when directed a question and detailed when it comes to communicating important things such as render and lighting settings in case anyone missed out on that vital information. I have definitely been flexible this semester by working on all aspects of the production pipeline except for rigging and skinning. Lastly, when ever I have an issue on my own self directed learning, like with using cloth modifier I have found solutions quickly as to not waste time or hold us back from moving on to the next stage of this project.

Also, I’d like to take the time to thank my group for all the hard work and dedication they put into this project. The plan for now is I will continue to push myself to create better models and to work on 3D projects for myself over the break. Lastly, I feel that ‘Duo Delights’ was a true treat to have been apart of.





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