Week 8: Presentation feedback and shooting reference videos

The feedback from the presentation this week was that the kitchen and the chef need to be more cohesive in style. I’m working on adding more color to the scene by changing the dull muted green tiles I made with a shader into a vibrant blue and adding more colorful props such as multicolored measuring cups, a kitchen rag and texturing a bright apron made by another teammate. Below is how the kitchen looks like now.


As for animation my shots involve a scene of the chef eating the cookie after the peanut butter had fallen on top of it, a quick glance shot as well as the end screen shot of the chef holding his fresh batch of ‘Duo Delights’. I have already shot reference videos based off the animatic, where I pickup a cookie and eat it and then one with me holding the tray so I think I’m on the right tracks as I continue animating.


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