Week 4-5: Modeling and cloth modifier

This week I’m testing out my self directed learning by using cloth modifier. For now I’ve used it for the plastic garbage bag but later it will most likely be used for the chef’s uniform/apron. I started with a circular plain and increased the polygons to allow for some ruffles. I made the garbage bag slightly deep just in case there’s a change of camera angles that would peer into the bag.


The modeling stage continues, below is a WIP of a stand mixer. I’ve taken accustom to keep old versions of a model to see how far they’ve come.


A few other models include pots and pans, baking trays and other kitchen utensils.


Not pictured about are things like the variations of pots and baking trays, a cereal box, an egg and broken egg shells.

Lastly, I have gotten some feed back on the model sheet I created and have made amendments to the side profile. Anatomy wise the character was missing his rib cage, and when modeling characters that structure is needed to help create believable movements. I also amended the calves of the character. After a lecturer pointed it out the calves are actually the furthest away from the body when standing up straight. I went back through some of the character design books we have at the library such as “How to Become a Video game artist” by Sam R. Kennedy and observed that even in stylized character models, designing with proper anatomy in mind is needed to create good topology which helps make the character model function better.


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