Week 3-4: Presentation Feedback and Production (modeling)

The feedback from our presentation was that we need to go into the direction of creating a commercial kitchen, instead of the chef’s home, so that part of the storyboard needs to be adapted. Also the chef appears too devious in the concept art. So I’m working on making the chef more likable and less likely to be accused of steeling from a baby and I thinks it’s going alright. Below are some sketches I’ve made and I will be expanding on. I actually wasn’t responsible for the chef design but I’m happy to have the opportunity to help create our mascot. As of now the middle design is the direction I should be taking according to a lecturer and I couldn’t agree more.


It is also the first week of modeling and my responsibilities are to model assets for the kitchen. The commercial kitchen direction looks like a lot of stainless steel and chrome toned materials. it looks like I will be handling the majority of models as a teammate who was assigned to do the other half of props had to move to the other studio group to keep the teams even. I will be treating this project as if I were an interior designer and doing my best to lay out and place everyone’s props in a way that is visually pleasing but doesn’t distract from the animation.



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