Studio 2: Week 1-2 Production Pipeline

Studio 2 will consist of creating an advertisement for a product that has an identifiable mascot and tagline. So far brainstorming for ideas hasn’t been too fruitful but our team is confident we will be able to find something we all are interested in and so far appears to be chocolate chip cookies. The ideas we have so far are-

1)An alien mascot sharing our cookie product.

2)A chef mascot, creating the cookie product.

We were also informed that we would be using a new rendering software called ‘vray’.

Lastly, after considering our strengths in the group we have put together a rough GANTT chart to map out the production pipeline and to share responsibilities and we have also set up a google drive to share files.

Production Plan

A look at a general a 3D production pipeline

Every animation project has three major phases and first phase being pre-production.

During the pre-production stage an idea is pitched and when settled on it goes on to the story artist to visualize the timing, pacing and camera angles of the project in the form of a storyboard and animatic. Concept artists try to visualize what the project will look like by drawing props, environment concepts and character designs. The art work can even be in 3D using a sculpting programs such as Zbrush.

After that, model sheets are created so modelers can get to work and for those unfamiliar to 3D animation is “creating the mesh objects that are used to represent the physical elements in your 3D environment.” (Hix, 2006) When the objects are textured it is time for skinning/rigging process as your character need ‘bones’ to be pose-able to move.

Next is animation. Animators pose the characters and assets to tell stories. They pay attention to the principals of animation and try to stick with the animatic’s timing and pacing. Other roles are lighting artists and then compositing the animated sequences to make the final project.

My Role This Semester 

During the preproduction phase I am in charge of a some concept art like the cookie design as well as creating a rough story board for the commercial. When we reach the production phase I will be making half of the props in the kitchen along with another teammate and will be taking part in animation as well, as our team does not have a dedicated animator and I want to do as much as possible to help the team out so we can create something we can all be proud of by the end of the semester.

I think this semester I would like to improve my prop design as last semester I helped make a range of props for a cave environment for our game ‘Cenote’ however, I wasn’t satisfied with the placement of assets as they were used as a guide for the player to solve puzzles in a way that felt a little unnatural. So either direction we go alien or chef, I’m going to give it my all.


Hix, B. (2016, June 26). Making Sense of the 3d Production Pipeline. Retrieved from

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