ANI210: Showcase


Some how with rapidly tweaking the game’s code we had a playable game. The general feedback we got throughout showcase was that they liked the story but wished they they had the option to jump on platforms, perhaps we didn’t success in creating something atmospheric or having a platforming puzzle confused the players.

I got some positive reactions towards the companion character, especially during it’s somersault animation, but unfortunately the companion does drag on the ground a bit because of how uneven the main area’s floor is. This issue isn’t seen in the third room as the ground is flat.

Overall I really enjoyed my first showcase experience and will continue to work on polishing my animation skills. It was definitely a challenge giving a character with no face emotions but I think with the audiences’ feedback, I did an alright job.

I found a couple of ways to speed up production during this trimester. Using Substance Painter I was able to quickly produce high quality textures and low ploy modeling was a lot of fun and made me think of how I can push the silhouette of an object with limited details to help readability.




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