ANI210: Week 10 – 12 Final Stretch

Several issues have come to light. The previously accepted environment design has been proven to be too small after the game programmers had place in the player scripts. It is week 12 and near impossible to rescale everything as all assets had been modeled to the environment and the Gollum character. It is too late to fix these issues so that means the player character will be able to run around the environment in a very short time. Hopefully, with having the journals to read, it’ll slow down the pacing.

There is also the issue of the journal entries as well. The game designer was supposed to write out the remaining two but has not completed them. The lead game programmer did them the night before they had to submit the game which means I had to rush to add the text onto the paper background while also editing text a bit as they were rushed. Overall the notes do not look great and I haven’t got to see them in game but there really was no other choice but to finish them as quick as possible.

For the Unity classes we’ve been taking we were tasked with creating a trigger based code. Unfortunately, I seemed to have misplaced the file I did mine on. I was able to redo most of it with the help of the game’s instructor and have even added a particle VFX system that made it into the game. It’s a very simple effect made to resemble fireflies but is effective in adding some much needed movement in the game. Also, even though I’ve tested the companion character’s animation in Unity, I haven’t seem how it looks like in the game environment yet, but I’m hopeful it looks alright.

Finally for marketing, I’ve sent over all my concept art to the animation lead, Nandi to put up on the game’s Facebook page. I have also helped print of the game’s poster with the animation lead and I have designed and printed out sticker to hand out to people who play our game during showcase. The sticker design has become our game’s logo. Since I have access to Sourcetree I was able to take some screenshots of the environment so far. One of the programmers have added in a fog effect which help with the mysterious atmosphere.


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