ANI210: Week 8-9 – Rigging and Animation

Screenshot (736)

This week I ran into the first issue that halted progress on my part. So far we have only rigged a humanoid character so rigging the companion proved to be a challenge. The issue was that I was trying to translate a human rig to something that required only rotation constraints and with the help of an instructor I was back on track.

There have been some issued with the cave environment that another team member is modelling. Each animator took charge of modelling a room and then our lead animator would join the parts together but one room has took many loops to be attached to the rest of ours. Another animator took a stab at fixing the issue suggesting changing the already unwrapped environment in a rather convoluted way. My suggestion was to take the high poly room and have it be separated from the rest of the environment. The player character would then materialized into that room after completed a puzzle, which adds to the otherworldly aspect of the cave anyway.

Details of the puzzles have finally been explained and I will need to create a simple doorway and some colour specific images that correlate to a hint in one of the puzzles. Daniel, one of the other animators is doing the rest of the panels,bridges required for the game play.

It is the middle of week 9, and I am still ahead of schedule having handed over the fbx. files for all the animation as well as all the models which are textured and game ready after showing it to our instructor and personally testing the animation in Unity. I have also written and given the first two journal entries that explore the game’s story, the rest will be written by the game designer.


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