ANI210: Week 6-7 -Texturing


Again, we are a little early on schedule and I have begun teaching myself substance painter for texturing some of the assets. Algorithmic’s substance painter provides a comprehensive playlist of tutorial on their Youtube channel which I uses to teach myself the program. So far I’m familiar with normal maps, the projection tool to ‘paint’ on images onto your model and using masks to easily paint in features while excluding others. I’ve been using Substance to give assets metallic, rocky and smooth surfaces and the process seems to be going smoothly. I do require some help export the files in order to place them in 3DS Max for our turn tables, but it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.

It is the beginning of week seven and we still have not received explanations for the two of the puzzles planed in the game. We’re a little worried as with new puzzles comes new puzzles items, thus more models which could push us off schedule.

It is week seven and the puzzles have been sent to us in a couple of incoherent sketches without an explanation. Naturally these puzzles require new assets to be made making the previous ones I’ve modeled become obsolete. However, like any artist in my position I have looked through the assets for something that can be salvaged and used outside its original purpose, such as the teal panel above that can be used to place notes on.


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