Studio 1 ANI210: Week 1-2

The first two weeks of Sudio 1 consisted of forming the story for our game, a moodboard and some rough concept art. Three story ideas were pitched and mine was heavily inspired by ‘walking simulators’, which are games that prioritize storytelling and exploreable environments over gameplay. The games student needed ass AI features into the game so a companion character that would help player solve puzzles to move on was created. The story so far is that two sibling go on a spelunking trip, ill prepared and get separated. One of them must then traverse this otherworldly environment to find out what happened to the other sibling. With feedback to contain the game from our instructors I suggested setting the game is a closed cave environment.

Looking into different cave structures and ecosystems to form a moodboard I found the tern ‘cenote’. The team was struggling to find a name that was both unique and short that would stand out and ‘cenote’ fit the bill just right. It soon became apart of the narrative where the sibling have entered through the hole in the cave’s ceiling and it would provide some nice natural light which we would do in unity.

Additionally, we have formed our GANT chart, where we have mapped when and what should be completed in reference to a standard industry pipeline for creating animation and assets for games.

● Mood board – WEEK 2
●Concept Art (characters & environment) – WEEK 3
● Final Model Sheets – WEEK 4
● Modeling – WEEK 5-6
● Texturing – WEEK 7
● Rigging & Skinning – WEEK 8
● Showcase Poster & Logo – WEEK 8
● Animation & Environments – WEEK 9-10
● Play Testing – WEEK 10-11

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