Crowdfunding for Indie artists and taking care of your fans – Part 2


The whole discussion on Star Citizen got me thinking about how this semester my fellow animators created assets for games produced by students. It’s easy to only think about the animation side of work but creating indie projects means playing several parts in a team and one of them is social media agent, making press kits or posters or even the visual aid for rewards on crowdfunding projects, below you can see the image used to explain to funders what extra kickstarter exclusive rewards they can get for helping to fund the project.


Star citizen’s success despite the fancy features of the game really comes with treating the fans like the respectable investor they are and that’s the takeaway – whatever line of work you wind up in as an animator, you have to treat the fans right, after all they’re the ones that will stick with you even when the project meet the original goals.

This is evident from the statements of fans from all around the world who opted to pay more for access to the game much earlier than the release date (which still has not been defined). The New York Times interviewed an 18 year old from Australia who stated “the idea of being able to play the game while it was still in development was a big draw” and even an older male from Huston who “Pledged more than $ 15,000 to Star Citizen.” (Parker, 2017)

What I can conclude is that Chris Roberts has essentially created a community so strong that they will shield him and his company from any media backlash. Despite not being released “the game has a community of over 1.6 million players,” (Huffington Post, 2016) and these are the fans that seem to like what they see and will continue to support the developers despite setbacks.



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