Crowdfunding for Indie artists and taking care of your fans – Part 1

Often, there are projects either too experimental or risky that investors might find difficult to fund, however there may be a niche community or a general population interest in said project so indie artists opt to fund it through ‘crowdfunding’. Kickstarter states there are “35,111 full funded game projects” (2017 ) and this is on a single crowdfunding platform, making it a viable venture for indie artists to fund their projects with. Such is the case for the game development of ‘Star Citizen’, who’s creator, Chris Roberts stated that crowdfunding is for “Something with a large demand but a small supply of.” (2013) As of now Star Citizen has been in development for over 5 years, the developers have managed to fund yet other kickstarter for the same game and the fans or investors are not upset. How did the developers manage to keep interest in the game even though fans have only played tiny snippets of the game, or nothing at all? Here’s how-

  • Communication is key- Fan receive updates and responses to their concerns promptly.
  • Creating good content- The playable demos despite fully realized cities with is much more than what was promised in the original kickstarter, among other features such as a personalized spaceship. Their website also has weekly update posts.
  • Give your audience what they want even if it’s just a little bit as a time- demo versions have been released for higher tiered funders of the game to play and footage of it has been posted online with over an hour of content with limited glitches.

Below is that recent one hour update of gameplay. What the creators did to take the unveiling of the update to the next level was the make it into an event where fans could be in the same room and later ask questions directly to the developers.



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