Final Preparations and The Future

I am half way through CIU110 and I am adamant to give a good presentation and final essay. These last two assignments focus on engaging the audience or reader with a topic of my interest in animation and my goal here is to make them find some value and/or curiosity in it as well. Preparation is key and I’m already looking at research topics. I will most likely focus on storyboarding and animatics as it can relate to the different courses SAE offers, such as film, game design as well as audio. I am wary about the presentation assignment as I find public speaking challenging but recently I been listening to artist and motivational speaker, Bobby Chiu’s (2016) YouTube channel where he asks his listeners to, “do what your successful version of you would do.” Thinking like that makes me feel I can one day be that successful public speaking version of myself.

For the essay, I’ll most likely look at the influence that producer and animator, Bruce Timm has had on western animation. While my sister and I were growing up it was his animated TV series that got us into comic books and superheroes. I will have to make sure that my admiration for his work does not stop me from looking at his influence in a critical manner, for example even though I love his simple shaped characters, most body shapes are identical to each other – muscular, square shaped men and curvy, tiny, waisted women. It’s a style that doesn’t represent other bod types.



As nearly half of the first trimester is drawing near, I’ve begun to see that my interests in what I’d like to specialize in, have change. In my first blog I mentioned I’d like to take other animation courses outside of SAE and listed story boarding as something I’d like to try. I think subconsciously my interest in story boarding was always there. It’s nice to have a record of the time when my interests changed from character animation to something completely different.

I look forward to continuing my learning experience at SAE and I hope it will be as pleasant as this first trimester has been so far.


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