The Auditory-Visual learner’s Guide To Organization

A few weeks ago we were asked to take tests online to find out what kind of learners we are, or rather what is our ‘learning style’. The tests I took used the VARK model of student learning, which “stands for Visual, Aural, Read/write, and Kinesthetic sensory modalities that are used for learning information.” (Flemming, n.d., para 1) Before starting the tests I assumed I was mainly a visual learner (as I enjoy presentations and infographics) but now I know I’m actually an auditory-visual learner. So according to the tests I learn best with visual or auditory stimulus.

The start of week 4 of my first trimester as SAE has been very hectic with three written assignments due. Unfortunately, poor planning lead to me producing work that was not up to my usual standard. Also, the research work was done sloppily over three different programs. Clearly I needed to be more organized. Last week I shared a tip about using a large mirror for reference, this week I will share tips for auditory-visual learners such as myself, to help you stay on top of your classes.

First, take notes in all your classes using highlighters/symbols to guide your attention to the most important information. If your style of learning is more auditory based, you can multitasking by listening to podcasts as you work. With permission from your lecturers you can also record audio clips of the lectures you attend.

Next, when starting a new researching project make sure all your research work is done on one program. My suggestion is either Microsoft Word or Evernote, where you can “Capture, organize, and share notes from anywhere.” (Evernote, n.d., para. 1) This app can syncs your notes and images on all your devices. Lastly, organize all relevant files into folders for your classes, somewhere easily accessible such as your desktop.

Screenshot (404)

Above is how I’ve organized my files, with ‘OtherResources’ for everything that isn’t connected to classes I’m taken but are still school related such as my class schedule, academic calendar and emergency email/phone numbers of the SAE staff.

These were the tools I used in high school but seemed to have forgotten till I realized how much I used to rely on them. Hopefully these tips will help someone out there who needs a little assistance with organizing themselves.


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Flemming, N. (n.d.). The VARK Modalities. Retrieved June 17, 2017, from



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