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“Ambition is more important than talent” – (Art now: interviews with modern artists, 2002, p. 42)

My first two weeks at SAE involved multiple reminders that talent is something that one has to nurture instead of it being inherited. I was introduced to the quote above in my drawing class and to me, it encapsulates the idea that working hard is the most important thing to get me to where I want to be. Where is that exactly? I believe a proper introduction is in order first.

My name is Andrea D’cunha, which you may have gathered from the URL of this blog. Despite living in Dubai since I was born, I’ve actually been studying in boarding school for the most part of my academic life. Boarding school let me be independent from a young age and cemented my interest in perusing Art as a career. The classes were geared towards creating art in all kinds of mediums, so I was able to experiment and settled into animation as my favorite form of expression. In hindsight, I wished my high school art program had more of a focus, as I find myself struggling with drawing still life, but on the other hand I would have never tried animation, which means I would most likely have been pursuing a different profession. After being away from my family in boarding school for years, I am now studying at SAE Institute in Dubai to be closer to them.

Even though I’ve only just started SAE, many peers here have begun to ask where I see myself after graduating, or alternatively, “where I see myself in ten years?” I chose to approach the question by planning small goals that gradually increase in scope and difficulty, that gradually lead to where I want to be. After I graduate SAE I hope to do some online courses in animation, such as a short course in storyboarding. Then, I plan to get an internship at a local animation studio to learn the animation pipeline on a smaller scale. After which, I hope to move to a larger animation industry, such as the industry in California

It’s a little daunting planning out my future but I’m not discouraged, because throughout my academic life my ambition and persistence has been driving me forward.


Art now: interviews with modern artists. (2002). London: Continuum.



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